Martijn Kors, Daniel Karavolos en Karel Millenaar are making a fascinating project which couldn’t be any more relevant!

De Pont, Caught in the Middle is a strategic game where the player must establish certain rules to decide who gets to cross the water and who doesn’t. And IF you somebody was able to cross the water, is he allowed to stay there, or will he be sent back after a while.
Kors, Karavolos and Millenaar find that we live in such a diverse society that it is in fact impossible to apply rules that everybody will benefit from, without it staying humane. In the game the player faces these moral dilemmas. In Caught in Between a crossing with the ferry is a metaphor for international traffic, especially refugee traffic, a system where people not necessarily have the same rights. A system where countries try to do the right thing, but where people often times get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Right now the game is still in development, but will soon be ready to be played.