Is this a competition? Can I win a prize?
This is not a competition. Until we find a nice sponsor to donate a cash prize, that is.

Why should I participate? What’s in it for me?
Doesn’t everyone love a creative challenge? Plus, it’s nice to be part of something bigger: a research project of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network (in Dutch), and in addition to the online showcase on Submarine Channel, your game or film will be presented at (international) events and exhibitions, such as The Netherlands Film Festival and EYE Filmmuseum.

Can anyone participate?
Yes. Whether you’re a professional game development studio, a filmmaker, a student, or an indie game designer – if you have a good idea and know how to execute it, you’re welcome to join.

Why is the theme of this project already defined?
“A set of limitations is often the catalyst that sets creativity free,” a wise man once said.

Why is this project limited to Unity?
It isn’t. Feel free to use the game development, animation or filmmaking tool of your choice. Please keep in mind that some assets may not be compatible with your development tool.

Which version of Unity is supported?
You may use any version you like, but the downloadable assets only work in Unity 5. Download the most recent version.

I want to use my own assets.
If you have the time and the skills to build your own assets, by all means, do! We’re providing a set of assets to make it easier for people to get started. If you’d like to share your assets with other participants, send us an email.

Why do I need to leave my personal information to download the assets?
By downloading the assets and leaving your name, email address, and nationality, you accept the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence the assets and the projects that are created with it are distributed under. We ask for your nationality just because we’re curious where our participants come from.

How long does the game or film have to be?
You can create a quick casual puzzle game or an epic dystopian adventure. It is entirely up to you.

I have a great idea for a game, but I am not a game developer. How can I participate?
We are looking into ways to connect people who are looking for creative partners. In the meantime, you could post a message on our Facebook Wall and explain who or what you’re looking for.

Can I submit a game or film in my own language?
Yes you can. However, we will present the results of De Pont to international audiences, so English is preferred.

Got another question? Email us.