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De Pont @ Control Conference and Netherlands Film Festival

De Pont project was well represented yesterday at the Netherlands Film Festival! We started off at the amazing Control Conference 2015. The first day was dedicated to Word Building for Movies and Games. A perfect fit. We talked about the progress of De Pont and showcased De Pont demos of Valentijn Muijrers, Ilona de Bruin, Saku Säisä and Martijn Kors. We will be posting their projects on here soon!     Furthermore, the program featured

De Pont at Netherlands Film Festival

Interactive Producer Corine Meijers presents De Pont tomorrow at the amazing Control Game Conference in Utrecht. Day 1 is dedicated to World Building for Movies and Games. We're presenting De Pont at the end of a presentation of Submarine Channel's upcoming motion comic Ascent from Akeron. We're presenting our projects alongside luminaries such as Justin van der Lek, who is currently working on Star Wars Episode VII, and the double Oscar nominated production designer Jan


Ilona de Bruin, a student at the Netherlands Film Academy, is working on a VR game edition of De Pont made for the Oculus Rift. Ilona says she took inspiration from an eerie Japanese folktale about the “Umibozu,” an ancient Japanse spirit who sinks ships. She wanted to gradually move the player away from the Amsterdam setting and take them into a strange new world where creatures from myths and legends emerge from the river,

First deadline: 15 September 2015

Finished editions of De Pont or works-in-progress submitted before or on 15 September will be considered for our De Pont presentation at the Netherlands Film Festival. The NFF is the biggest and most influential film happening in The Netherlands. The festival has been growing and expanding its horizon in recent years, covering not just film, but interactive content, games and transmedia as well. After the NFF, more (international) presentations will follow in 2015 and 2016, 

Develop Brighton

We sent 2000 flyers to the UK to be distributed among the attendees of Develop: Brighton. From 14 to 16 July, over 1800 developers get together by the English seaside to charge their creative batteries. You know, learn new things, get inspired, exchange ideas and meet new people. Hope some of the attending peeps accept our game and film

Behold: The Haunted Edition

Students of HvA University of Applied Sciences were the first to work with our 3D assets. The group of five, who operated like a true game dev team, created a mystery-thriller-adventure game in Unity. The premise: a mysterious "haunted" cargo ship crashes into a ferry boat that carries but one passenger, you. In order to get to the other side, you need to uncover the secrets on the cargo ship and repair the ferry, and

De Pont game film challenge8 Jul 2015


The nice people at the GVB let us put up this poster on the actual Amsterdam ferry this summer. Here's the final design. What do you think? Non-Dutch speakers: the headline says,  "How Fantastic is Your Trip on The


We've been live for about two weeks now and very busy promoting the project. 32 individuals have registered and downloaded the assets so far. And a couple of art academies in The Netherlands are interested to incorporate the project into their curriculum. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up

We’re live

We're live! Today is the official launch of De Pont and we're thrilled. It's exciting to see if and how creators respond to our call. Good news is we already have three participants and the University of Amsterdam on board. Help us spread the word; mention De Pont on Twitter, Facebook, etc.