We have a couple of new projects to announce! This project is being developed by director: Jos Meijers and Art-Director: Linda Klaassen. It will be a short animation project with a beautiful style of its own:


The ferry takes off in a gloomy, misty atmosphere. All the people on board are silhouettes, except for one boy, who is in color. He looks around and finds out that another girl is also different, like him. He tries to get to her, but fails everytime, only picking up glimps of the girl.
Finally, the ferry arrives at his destination and the silhouettes are leaving the boat. The vanish into the landscape, becoming one with the earth. The girl is visible as some sort of flame who’s blowing out.
We look back at the boy again, only to find out he’s older now, a man. It turns out he’s the ferryman, and the ferry takes off again to the other side.

The theme in this animation is the bridge between life and death. The ferryman is stuck on the ferry and can never rest with the other dead people. The name ‘Lethe’ is a derivative from one of the Greek rivers of the underworld.