Hack De Pont on April 30th !

Come and join us in Amsterdam on Saturday April 30th, 2016 for the very first Hackathon focusing on De Pont! Throughout the day, computer programmers, game designers, animators, software developers, and creative coding enthusiasts will collaborate on creating their own version of De Pont ferry journey. Get tickets! Time: 10.30 to 23.30 Location: Lava Lab (Asterdwarsweg 5, Amsterdam)   Program Hackathon (tickets sold out) 10:30 – 18:00 Places for this hackathon are limited! Buy your tickets here.

Valentine’s Day and News from De Pont – An Amsterdam Love Story

What better timing than Valentine's Day to release the demo video of Saku Saisa's game: De Pont - An Amsterdam Love Story! This is a game where the player, as a passenger of the Amsterdam ferry, must find his / her love interest on the docks in order to embark on the boat (see earlier blog post for full game description). Still in development, the game already contains important features. Before starting, the player can create