The Ferry

Welcome Ferryman, your Ferry awaits.

Take control of the Ferry and steer her forth and back between the various docking points. Avoiding all that The Ferry’s devious creator can throw at you. From recreational and commercial shipping to gunboats, submarines and mines. Play multiple levels grouped around an event such as a war, zombie breakout or alien invasion. Gather resources to gain access to improve the Ferry’s systems such as (turn) speed, radar or hack her computer systems to bypass safety features and gain valuable seconds of playing time. Alternatively use them to access special themed levels based on famous movies or to do a spot of city building.

The game’s idea was born while actually on the Amsterdam ferry as it made some elaborate manoeuvres to avoid commercial shipping on the IJ. It started out as, and still is, a platform game but as you can see from the description above I intend to, at least partially, incorporate elements from other game types as well. My aim is to make the game available for desktops, mobile devices and VR. Though when enough people twist my arm then perhaps also for consoles.

Created by Gijs Bannenberg