Lethe, a short animation in the making.

A ferry takes off in a gloomy, misty atmosphere. All the people on board are silhouettes, except for one boy, who is in color. He looks around and finds out that there is a girl who is also different, like him. He tries to get to her, but fails every time, only picking up a glimpse of the girl. Finally, the ferry reaches the other side and the boy, still looking for the girl, watches the silhouettes leave the boat. They vanish, merge into the landscape, becoming one with the earth. Then he sees the girl is among them and like all of them dissolves into the landscape, her bright hair a sort of flame that’s blowing out. We look back at the boy again, only to find out he’s older now, a old man, who turns out to be the ferryman, heading again for the lighter shore on the other side.

Producer: Juan Esteban Forero

Director & Sound Design: Jos Meijers

Art director: Linda Klaassen