Interplanetary Ferry

Short animated film “The Interplanetary Ferry

Some time in the future, the ferry of Amsterdam serves as an interplanetary ferry, going back and forth from earth to other planets. The animation serves as a funny instruction video on how to board the vessel and features two characters explaining the rules, the astronaut and the alien. The astronaut always follow the rules and never gets into trouble. The alien always does the complete opposite, and thus gets hurt or left behind. "The Interplanetary Ferry" animation serves as a pilot or a proof-of-concept for an animated series. Each episode would focus on a different rule; about lining up before getting on board; about using special cups for drinks (otherwise they would float around in space); about how to make sure you don’t accidentally drift off into space, etc.


Written by: Lucie van den Driessche

Co-direction: Lucie van den Driessche and Juan Esteban Forero

Animation supervisor & producer: Juan Esteban Forero

Technical Director & Compositing: Aser Perez

Art Director: Iris van den Akker

3D Modeling & Animation: Sigrid Mohn, Mansur Shafiev, Aser Perez

2D Animation: Juan Esteban Forero, Iris van den Akker, Federica D'Urzo, Lucie van den Driessche

2D Special Effects: Mansur Shafiev

Music & Sound Design: Lucie van den Driessche

Narrator Voice: Jason Edwards