Agony is an interactive Amsterdam horror story that takes place on the Amsterdam ferry. In the game you walk around on the ferry and you will uncover the mystery of the crying woman.

The game Agony is an old Amsterdam story that is related to the legend of the Schreierstoren. The characteristic name of the tower originates from circa 1500. Back in these times, women waited in front of the tower till their men would return from war. Since many of these men never returned, the story goes that the women waited at the quay, crying, and that they eventually died. In Agony you discover that there is an urban legend that you can hear a woman cry on the ferry. The main character Nicolai is gonna find out if this legend is true...  

Download the installer:

Created by Selwyn, Herbert and Genevieve

Selwyn, Herbert and Genevieve are students at the University of applied sciences in Amsterdam. Their project is part of the minor applied game design.